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February 22, 2021

NOTE: This show and others on this channel contains adult language, jokes and situations that are intended strictly for a mature audience!  If you are too young or too sensitive for this material then please do not watch or listen to our show, thank you!


Welcome all to our second installment of our ongoing discussion about the latest entry into the MCU, the limited series on Disney Plus called WANDAVISION!  

On this show, your hosts Larry Roberts and Megan Guess pick up where they left off from the first discussion, starting with episode four and on through episode seven.  In these episodes we got to see the backstory of Monica Rambeau, see the addition of Jimmy Woo and Darcy to the main cast, learn more about S.W.O.R.D and their (apparently shady) motives, as well as the ongoing saga of Wanda and Vision in their fantasy world involving newborn kids, surprise guests from the grave, emotional breakdowns and ultimately the big reveal of our main villain (or is it???)  We do a recap of each episode and then discuss our thoughts and theories about each character and where we think this is all headed!  Plus we discuss some popular rumors, leaks and potential spoilers for what is yet to come.  All this and more!

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