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March 26, 2022

NOTE:  Geeking Poetic is a channel dedicated to creating content that is aimed at adults.  Coarse language, adult humor and other things are discussed which are not intended for a younger audience, so if you're too young or too sensitive for this kind of material then this channel is not for you!  Viewer/listener discretion is advised.


On this latest episode of GEEKING POETIC, your hosts Matt, Larry and Megan do a livestream discussion covering the subject of vintage commercials!  Specifically, they each chose their top five favorite commercials from each of their respective childhoods.  From fast food to toys and video games and so much more is covered and discussed here.  Did any of the choices make your own top five list?  Was there some major ones you think we missed?  We'd love to know your comments and thoughts on this so make sure you leave a comment or please JOIN US in the Facebook group THE GEEKING SQUAD, where we discuss all the geeky pop culture stuff that we feature on this channel!

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