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January 19, 2022

PLEASE NOTE:  The Geeking Poetic Podcast channel contains material that is intended for adult listeners, with content and language that is strictly for mature audiences only.


Welcome to the latest episode of GEEKING POETIC PODCAST!

In this livestream episode, your hosts Megan Guess and Larry Roberts sat down to discuss a recent article that has been causing much debate and controversy.  Recently the website CLEVELAND.COM ran an article titled, "THE GREAT ROCK HALL PURGE: WHICH HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES DON'T BELONG?"  The writers came up with their own method of choosing which inductees meet their criteria for truly belonging in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and went through every year's inductees from 1986 through 2021 and choose which artists should be "purged" from the Rock Hall.  Needless to say this has caused quite a bit of argument and consternation amongst the public, and since this was being hotly discussed in our own group on Facebook (THE GEEKING SQUAD GROUP) we thought it'd be fun and interesting to sit down and go through the lists and offer our own opinions and insights on the matter.  Many, many classic and amazing artists were purged due to this new proposed methodology from and needless to say it resulted in some flared tempers!!  During the livestream we had an open chat going with people from the Geeking Squad Group and we tried to include their input as much as possible with our own thoughts and quips.  Do you agree with any of these artists being purged?  Which ones stayed and which ones got the boot?  Tune in to the show and find out!


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