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THE GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST: Episode 25 !! A Geeky Pop Culture Discussion

September 27, 2021

Warning:  The GEEKING POETIC channel contains content that is intended for mature audiences and has adult language, humor and subject matter which is not suitable for younger audiences.

 Welcome to the latest episode of THE GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST, an ongoing show from the hosts of Geeking Poetic - Larry Roberts, Vito Marchese and Megan Guess - where they discuss various pop culture related topics that have been posted or mentioned in the Geeking Squad group on Facebook.  Covering a wide variety of geeky subjects such as comics, toys, action/adventure, sci-fi, horror, sitcoms, UFO and ghost conspiracies and theories, and all the kinds of stuff that major nerds like us get into!
The topics discussed in this episode includes:


- Vintage Ben Cooper costumes re-released for adults 
- Marvel reportedly wants Chris Evans to portray Cap. America in new Fantastic Four movie 
- New trailers released for Matrix 4, Picard Season 2 and Hawkeye.
- David Tennant in new "Around The World In 80 Days" trailer released
- Lucifer's final season teases futuristic Bones reboot
- Scientists create holograms that you can touch  
- New evidence shows that Penguins might actually be aliens

- Commercial segment for the PFPN (Prescribed Films Podcast Network) 

- The hosts discuss a bunch of their picks for various "You Can Only Choose 3" lists, everything from foods to games to movies and tv shows and more...

- VITO suggests checking out the new album by Canadian metal band SPIRITBOX titled "Eternal Blue".

- MEGAN suggests that people check out the intense drama Netflix series "The Outer Banks".

- LARRY suggests watching the Netflix docu-series "SOPHIE: A Murder In West Cork", about the controversially unsolved case regarding Sophie Toscan du Plantier.  Vito also suggests checking out the audiobook about this case called, "West Cork" from 2018.


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