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Our TOP 20 FAVORITE FILMS OF ALL TIME! Part One: #20 thru 16!

February 18, 2021
Welcome to GEEKING POETIC, a channel dedicated to discussing our favorite pop culture topics, everything from Sci-Fi to Horror, Action to Mystery, UFO, Dinosaurs, Aliens, comic books, toys, video games, and so much more! In this episode, we decided to tackle a tough topic.....choosing our Top 20 favorite films of all time! Since this is a massive list with plenty to discuss, we're breaking it up into four different parts. This first part starts with number 20 and ends with number 16.
Your hosts Larry, Vito, and Megan each have very different tastes so it goes without saying that the lists are all over the place! Are any of their choices the same as ones you'd choose? Check out the show and find out!
*NOTE: GEEKING POETIC contains adult language, jokes and topics that are not appropriate for younger audiences. So if you're too young or too sensitive then please do not watch or listen to our shows! For mature audiences only!
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