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GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST! Episode THREE! (Pop Culture topics discussed)

July 1, 2020

Welcome everyone to the THIRD episode of the GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST!

This podcast is hosted by Larry, Megan, and Vito from the Geeking Poetic Podcast Channel, and is centered around the various topics, news items, discussions and tidbits that are shared each week in the GEEKING SQUAD Group on Facebook.  In each episode, your hosts choose certain topics that've been shared in the group and discuss them at greater length, adding in their own opinions and humor.   The Geeking Squad group is open to anyone who is interested in discussing and sharing info and articles on various geeky subjects such as sci-fi, horror, comedy, action/adventure, cartoons, comic books, music, memes, UFO conspiracies, ancient history and legends and much more!  We encourage people to join and post articles or topics that we can bring up on the show, and we'll be uploading a new episode on the first and third Wednesday of every month.  The various things mentioned in this episode includes:

- Show intro and host introductions

- Discussing the focus of the podcast (for the newbs!)

- The hosts discuss what they've been up to lately....

- "WHAT'S SHAKIN' BACON?" segment intro:

- Megan watched Netflix original, "The Last Days Of American Crime" after it received 0% on Rotten Tomatoes...

- Vito and Larry try to convince Megan she needs to watch "Birdemic" and it's horrific sequel

- The return airing of the "Dinosaurs!" tv show

- Megan and Vito argue with Larry over the validity of the 1990's TGIF television lineup

- Larry misses the action/adventure and sci-fi shows of the 1990's instead...

- The hosts discuss the return of TAMAGACHI toy pets & their limited appeal today

- Discussing everything from Teddy Ruxpin to Pogs to Pokemon

- All 3 hosts have seen the new trailer for "BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC" and discuss 1st impressions...



- Larry is excited to discuss the recently found hidden treasure in the Rocky Mountains

- Megan and Vito aren't sure if they believe the treasure was found, or even existed

- The gang discuss whether they'd be willing to ever go on a legit treasure hunt someday

- When you find treasure, how do you cash it in, avoid taxes, etc.???


- Vito suggests the movies "Underwater" and "Lost Voyage", as well as the book "Saturn" by Ben Bova

- Megan suggests the Netflix original series "Space Force" featuring Steve Carrell 

- Larry suggests the new album by SPARKS, entitled "A Steady Drip Drip Drip"

- Thanks and farewell segment