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GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST: Episode THIRTEEN! Geeky Pop Culture Discussion!

December 30, 2020

NOTE: This show and others on this channel contains adult language, jokes and situations that are intended strictly for a mature audience!  If you are too young or too sensitive for this material then please do not watch or listen to our show, thank you!

Welcome to Episode THIRTEEN of our ongoing Pop Culture discussion, THE GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST!  On this show, the three hosts (Larry, Megan, and Vito) discuss topics that are currently in the news or being discussed by the folks over in the Geeking Squad group on Facebook.  Topics covered are always things appealing to geeks like us!  From Star Wars to Star Trek, superhero movies and comics, sci-fi, horror, and action/adventure, as well as weird and funny stories in the news dealing with UFOs, ghosts, mysteries and conspiracies and much more!  All for fun and always with a laugh!

In this episode we discuss:

- Commenting on the recent passing of legendary pilot Chuck Yeager and comedic actor David Lander.
- Megan discusses the new gigantic Gundam robot developed in Japan.
- They discuss what it'd be like if they developed a large robot fueled by magic beans!
- Megan looks forward to trying the new pickle flavored gummy bears.  Vito is not so enthused.
- Larry enthusiastically discusses all the recent upcoming Star Wars and Marvel t.v. series that are coming out on Disney Plus.
- The reports of more Monolith structures popping up in various spots around the world continue to come in. 

Squad Talk:
- The hosts discuss what childhood toys they most wanted for Christmas but never got!
- Megan asks her co-hosts what Christmas song they'd choose if they were forced to listen to one on repeat for 24 hours straight!

Whaddayou Suggest:
- Vito suggests checking out the recent new album by BUSH, titled "The Kingdom".
- Megan suggests checking out the YouTube channel TPMVIDS, dedicated to discussing Disney rides and attractions,  amusement parks, entertainment, and media from countdowns to theme park history, Disney fails and everything in between.
- Larry suggests checking out the upcoming second issue of the awesome TOY VENTURES magazine created by Plaid Stallions' Brian Heiler, dedicated to featuring articles and photos of classic and hard to find vintage toys from the 1970's and early 1980's.  More details and ordering info can be found here:

- Lastly, we suggest people check out the Facebook group called HORROR, SCI-FI, AND BEYOND, which features all kinds of cool content, links, trailers, and contests for people who love to geek out on this stuff!


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