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January 17, 2021

NOTE: This show and others on this channel contains adult language, jokes and situations that are intended strictly for a mature audience!  If you are too young or too sensitive for this material then please do not watch or listen to our show, thank you!

Welcome to Episode FIFTEEN of our ongoing Pop Culture discussion, THE GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST!  On this show, the three hosts (Larry, Megan, and Vito) discuss topics that are currently in the news or being discussed by the folks over in the Geeking Squad group on Facebook.  Topics covered are always things appealing to geeks like us!  From Star Wars to Star Trek, superhero movies and comics, sci-fi, horror, and action/adventure, as well as weird and funny stories in the news dealing with UFOs, ghosts, mysteries and conspiracies and much more!  All for fun and always with a laugh!

In this episode:

- Show introduction and hellos
- We're happy to try out our new recording device the ZOOM PODTRACK P8 for the first time!
- WHAT'S SHAKIN' BACON? segment:
- Discussing the recently departed Dawn Wells, Tanya Roberts, and Alexi Laiho.
- Rumors going around that Joss Whedon & Disney are resurrecting "FIREFLY".
- Also rumors are flying that Jodie Whitaker will be ending her tenure as DOCTOR WHO after her third season.
- Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher) is starting her own Trek-themed podcast.
- Disney's "THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT" series is reported to be a limited four-episode season.
- More rumors that Jon Favreau is trying to get Robert Downey Jr. to portray GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN.
- Larry is excited about the new teaser footage released by PETER JACKSON for the upcoming BEATLES "GET BACK" film.
- REEBOK have announced they're releasing shoes modeled after Signourney Weaver's in the "ALIENS" film franchise.
- Megan is dismayed to hear that they revelead the real means that they make replicator food on STAR TREK: DISCOVERY
- Vito and Larry once again plead with Megan to give STAR TREK: VOYAGER a try and get over her Capt. Janeway prejudice.
- They are amazed to hear the story about the Chinese boy who discovered a 60 Million year old dinosaur egg!
- "SQUAD TALK" segment begins:
- Discussing the news about how NASA scientists have achieved long distance teleportation, making the future of safely transferring data more of a reality.
- There is a new theory suggests that we travel to Parallel Universe when we dream.  The hosts debate the logic of this.
- Big news when the FAA alerted of UFO falling into ocean in Oahu, Hawaii.  Lots of eyewitnesses but no evidence recovered afterwards...

- "WHADDAYOU SUGGEST?" segment intro:

- VITO recommends the film "Fortress 2: Reentry", an early 2000's sci-fi flick featuring Christopher Lambert.
- MEGAN recommends "Spenser Confidential", a 2020 Mark Walhberg movie on Netflix about a Boston cop (of course) trying to bring down corruption and help people in need.
- LARRY recommends the book "Flash Gordon: the official story of the film" by John Walsh, a behind-the-scenes tome with loads of info and pics about the making of the classic campy 1980 film.

- SHOW RECOMMENDATION:  Larry suggests people check out JOEY CASSATA's YouTube channel where he does a visual podcast style show doing various TOP FIVE segments with special guests, discussing all kinds of geeky stuff like we do as well as plenty of humor!
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