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GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST! Episode EIGHT (Pop Culture discussion)

September 30, 2020

Welcome everyone to the EIGHTH episode of the GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST! After a brief unexpected hiatus we're back again with new episodes!

This podcast is hosted by Larry, Megan, and Vito from the Geeking Poetic Podcast Channel, and is centered around the various topics, news items, discussions and tidbits that are shared each week in the GEEKING SQUAD Group on Facebook.  In each episode, your hosts choose certain topics that have been shared in the group and discuss them at greater length, adding in their own opinions and humor.   The Geeking Squad group is open to anyone who is interested in discussing and sharing info and articles on various geeky subjects such as sci-fi, horror, comedy, action/adventure, cartoons, comic books, music, memes, UFO conspiracies, ancient history and legends and much more!  We encourage people to join and post articles or topics that we can bring up on the show, and we'll be uploading a new episode on the first and third Wednesday of every month.  The various things mentioned in this episode includes:

- Show opening and host introductions
- Introducing new listeners to what the show and the Geeking Squad FB group are all about
- "WHAT'S SHAKIN' BACON?" segment intro:
- New trailer for "DUNE" movie is discussed
- Should Megan read/watch the old DUNE material before seeing the new film or not?
- Discussing how fans dislike adaptations of novels & comics into film franchises
- Lots of new DC UNIVERSE trailers and news released
- New trailer for "THE BATMAN" film with Robert Pattinson looks promising
- Larry is excited about the Zack Snyder cut of "JUSTICE LEAGUE", but Vito and Megan aren't so sure...
- They debate the use of "Hallelujah" in the trailer
- The "WONDER WOMAN 1984" trailer looks promising especially to Chris Pine fanatic, Megan!
- CW has announced extensions for the various "Arrow-verse" DC shows.
- Rumors are flying around about CBS cancelling upcoming STAR TREK shows and series continuations
- Larry and Megan are divided on the validity of STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS
- They're coming out with Klingon themed wine apparently...
- People are suggesting checking out the new "Zombie Flavored" SKITTLES.  The hosts aren't so convinced.
- A reported treasure hunt connected to JELLY BELLY has been debunked by the company.
- "SQUAD TALK" segment intro:
- The new Netflix documentary mini-series "HIGH SCORE" has our hosts discussing and reminiscing about the history of video game systems and which ones are their favorites.
- The hosts answer the question, "If you can only choose one game console, which would it be?"
- Next they answer the question that was posed in the Geeking Squad group, "You can only choose one arcade video game for your home, what would it be?"
- "WHADDAYOU SUGGEST?" segment intro:
- Vito suggests the latest album from classic metal act PRIMAL FEAR "Metal Commando"
- Megan suggests the free tv service PLUTO TV
- Larry suggests checking out the new McDonaldland character series from FUNKO 
- For this episode's podcast recommendation, we suggest checking out "FROM THE ARMCHAIR" by Alexander Silverman
- Show outro and sign-off