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GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST: EPISODE 20! Geeky Pop Culture Discussion

March 24, 2021

NOTE: This show and others on this channel contains adult language, jokes and situations that are intended strictly for a mature audience! If you are too young or too sensitive for this material then please do not watch or listen to our show, thank you!
Welcome to the GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST! On this show we discuss various bits of news, rumors, and gossip surrounding geeky pop culture stuff....everything from Star Wars to Star Trek, Marvel and DC Comics, television series and upcoming movies, music and comedy, plus real science news, conspiracies, mysteries and whatever else floats our nerdy boats! Your hosts Larry, Vito and Megan pick their favorite news bits as shared in the Geeking Squad Group on Facebook and discuss it here with their usual sarcasm and sense of humor.
Featured here in EPISODE 20 is:
- Show Introduction

-What's Shakin' Bacon segment:
- We discuss the latest news regarding the NETFLIX & TIM BURTON propsed series for "WEDNESDAY ADDAMS".
- The hosts discuss the new "PUNKY BREWSTER" reboot series and wonder if anyone out there is watching it and enjoying it?
- Larry once again debates with his co-hosts about whether CBS programming was actually good or bad.
- Vito discusses the recent articles about strange lights in the sky around Las Vegas, but thinks there's logical explanations for them.  Megan and Larry aren't so sure...
- Megan is very excited about the rock that was found to have markings inside that resemble Cookie Monster.  Larry and Vito aren't sure why she's so thrilled...
- Megan is also excited about the new MONSTERS INC. sequel coming out.
- Megan is, not surprisingly, excited about the new food items being offered by Taco Bell....which somehow leads to a discussion about men having mutations that cause them to grow a third testicle.  We're still not sure how this happened...
- Vito and Megan are adamant about how they like their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!


- "SQUAD TALK" segment intro:
- The hosts discuss the topic of space travel and construction.  Megan brings up the Japanese billionaire who is looking for passengers on a flight to space with him.  Vito discusses his interest in this and why he would or wouldn't be able to do it, as well as the proposed project involving an outer space hotel resort that is reportedly being designed.  Larry is skeptical about all of it especially in light of the news regarding a gigantic asteroid that will be near the planet that might be in danger of colliding with satellites and objects in the near Earth orbit.


- "WHADDAYOU SUGGEST?" segment intro:
- Vito suggests checking out the CBS channel program, "CLARICE", based on the famous book series and films like "The Silence Of The Lambs".

- Megan suggests the new series "CALL ME KAT" starring Mayim Bialik, airing now on the FOX network (also can be watched on HULU).

- Larry suggests checking out an awesome new online radio show hosted by professional bassist Tod Bowers called "ROCK AND ROLL STEW RADIO", which features plenty of classic rock, blues, and other gems and deep cuts.  You can find the show on at:

-Lastly, we recommend people check out the podcast called, "THE POP CULTURE HOUR", show hosted by Mikey, Johnny, and Emily where they discuss all the things dear to our own hearts such as movies, tv shows, comics and all the other bits of geekdom we love!  Check them out here:

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