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Ancient Egyptian Mysteries and Theories

June 4, 2019

Thanks for checking out our newest Geeking Poetic Podcast audiocast, where this time we'll be discussing ancient Egyptian mysteries and some controversial theories. The three of us have been fascinated with the land of Egypt since we were children. We recently did a retrospective podcast about The Mummy movie series, but we wanted to do a more serious podcast about some mysteries that Egypt holds. We'll get into some theories on how the structures were built, when they were built, and why they were built. Do you have some thoughts on these questions? Let us know what you think. You can also share this episode around to people who also find Egypt fascinating. Thanks for your continued support!

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0:00 - 4:49 Intro and warmup discussion
5:00 - 14:44 How we got into Egyptian history, mysteries and conspiracies. We also share some intial thoughts on how the Egyptian monuments were built
14:45 - 27:15 We start discussing some theories on when and how the Egytpian monuments were built
27:16 - 30:00 We go off on a tangent about pizza
30:01 - 30:45 A short break letting you know about The Prescribed Films Podcast Network that we are a part of
30:46 - 34:31 Back to the Egyptian talk
34:32 - 44:42 We talk about some theories on how the pyramids were built
44:43 - 47:59 We talk about civilizations all over the world depicting alien visitors or possible future humans travelling back in time
48:00 - 57:02 We talk about pyramids that are found all over the world. We spend some time talking about a pyramid in the state of Tennessee right here in the good old US of A! We get into some goofy theories that future human podcasters might have if they end up unearthing this pyramid in the distant future
57:03 - 1:02:38 Final thoughts and show wrapup