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WHAT SCARES US? Real Talk About Fears, Phobias, & Stephen King Style Horror!

June 6, 2020

Welcome to another "Real Talk" episode of GEEKING POETIC PODCAST! Somehow this episode either wound up being deleted or not uploaded to the site when we recorded this months back, and it was a really fun and interesting discussion so we're putting it back up for your listening pleasure (or displeasure)!!
In this episode, spurred on by our lengthy discussion on the works of Stephen King, we decided to have a real discussion about the things that scare us the most. There are elements of King's stories that definitely strike a nerve with each of us, the kinds of things that fuel nightmares and sleepless nights, but we also have our own personal demons and horrors to contend with. We discuss those things as well as get into some other stuff that really gets into our heads, and some unusual tales and phobias we've each experienced throughout our lives! The fear of ghosts, or confined spaces, or mental insanity, possessed statues, hauntings, etc., are all discussed here and we share some real-life stories that explain some of why these things scare us the most. Sit back and enjoy, perhaps keep the lights on too, just to be safe.....

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