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WandaVision EPISODE 8 Discussion! How’s It Going To End?! MCU

February 28, 2021

WARNING: GEEKING POETIC is a show that is intended for mature viewers and is not intended for a younger or more sensitive audience. Viewer discretion advised!

In this new episode of our ongoing discussion on WANDA VISION, we delve into all the happenings and reveals from EPISODE EIGHT! There was so much information that came to light in this one episode alone, we felt we needed to dedicate a discussion just to this one! Wanda's true past revealed, Agatha's origins, and what Tyler and S.W.O.R.D are really up to! We discuss these things, and talk about some theories and possible leaks and spoilers we've heard floating around on the 'net. Check it out, and join in on the discussion by commenting below!

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