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June 24, 2020

Welcome to the latest TOP 5 episode of GEEKING POETIC!  This one was recorded a while back but never uploaded here so at long last we present it for your listening pleasure!

In this episode, your three GEEKING POETIC hosts (Meg, Larry, and Vito) discuss the supposed "TOP TV/FILM ACTION HEROES OF ALL TIME" as voted by you, the viewers, in a poll we ran recently. We discuss your choices, and how they rank compared to our own favorites. We also discuss some choices that you didn't vote for that we felt deserved to at least be mentioned! From old time heroes like Sean Connery, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, to the modern day stars like The Rock, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwatzenegger, and more, we count 'em down and pitch in our two cents on them all. Did your vote count among the top picked heroes? Watch and listen to find out!!

GEEKING POETIC is not only a YouTube channel but an ongoing podcast by three friends who love everything geeky- movies and shows about action, adventure, sci-fi and superheroes, mysteries, suspense, scary flicks, cartoons, comics, toys and more! You can hear our various episodes online @ Spotify, iTunes, and all places where awesome podcasts are available!

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