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GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST: Episode EIGHTEEN (18)! Geeky Pop Culture News Discussion

March 10, 2021

Welcome to the GEEKING SQUAD PODCAST!  On this show we discuss various bits of news, rumors, and gossip surrounding geeky pop culture stuff....everything from Star Wars to Star Trek, Marvel and DC Comics, television series and upcoming movies, music and comedy, plus real science news, conspiracies, mysteries and whatever else floats our nerdy boats!  Your hosts Larry, Vito and Megan pick their favorite news bits as shared in the Geeking Squad Group on Facebook and discuss it here with their usual sarcasm and sense of humor.  Featured here in EPISODE 18 is:

- Show introduction and greetings
- "What's Shakin' Bacon?" segment intro:
- Release date for the new "LOKI" series on Disney Plus is announced.
- Vito is reluctant to watch "WandaVision", but Larry and Megan are hooked.
- New title for upcoming "Spider-Man" film is announced.
- More Ewan McGregor and "Obi-Wan Kenobi" news is announced related to "STAR WARS:ANDOR" and more.
- Rumors about a new TERMINATOR animated feature are floating around.
- The hosts discuss the new "Dark Knight Death Metal" comic books coming out from DC COMICS.
- Megan is excited about the talk surrounding a new series based on "NATIONAL TREASURE" that might feature Nicholas Cage.
- Megan is also excited about the rumors of a new series based on "THE MUMMY" as well as a possible new film, featuring the return of Brendan Fraser.
- Commercial break for "THE PFPN Prescribed Films Podcast Network"
- "SQUAD TALK" segment intro:
- The hosts discuss the Perserverance rover and the "hidden message" placed on it's landing chute.
- Vito suspects that more conspiracy theories are going to pop up soon surrounding the latest NASA developments and happenings.
- Vito is also very skeptical about the news that a space station will be built around Ceres and will have people on board within the next fifteen years.
- Larry wonders about the science of having humans living in space for long periods of time and how it will affect their aging and health.
- "SO WHADDAYOU SUGGEST?" segment intro:
- Vito suggests checking out the latest album by EVERGREY called "Escape Of The Phoenix".

- Megan suggests checking out the NETFLIX series called, "Firefly Lane" based on a popular book series.

- Larry recommends checking out the VEVO music video channels on PLUTO TV, where you can watch 24 hour music videos based on different decades (70s, 80s, 90s, etc.)

- The YouTube channel recommendation this week is for Raymond Castille's channel, where he discusses all sorts of cool vintage and modern horror collectibles, as well as features his music performances and compositions and his now classic toy collecting documentary, "In Love With Toys"


NOTE: This show and others on this channel contains adult language, jokes and situations that are intended strictly for a mature audience!  If you are too young or too sensitive for this material then please do not watch or listen to our show, thank you!


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